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Our Work

Our work is the reflection of our expertise as an Assignment Solution Guru for Python, Java, Android, C/C++, PHP and many other programming languages. To see how we have helped students, kindly have a look at our work.

Tkinter: Joke Bot

A GUI application to rate the jokes stored as a JSON in a file and a console based CMS to handle all the CRUD operations.


Bottle: web based Sudoku game

A web based Sudoku game having 9x9 grids with easy, medium and hard difficulties deployed on pythonanywhere.com.


Turtle: Snowman

A Snowman and a Snow lady created with different geometric shapes.


Tag Cloud

A visual representation of tag cloud using frequency of the words. Higher the frequency, bigger the font size.


Turtle: American Flag

American flag created with properly calculate sizes and locations for the components.


SQLite with Python

Python web based application using SQLite database as back-end.


JES: Image Processing with Jython

Image effects like negative, gray scale, posterized, inverted, thresholding, Sobel edge detection.


MongoDB with Python

Console based interface to perform CRUD operations for MongoDB collections like Students, Real Estates, etc.


RSA: Encryption/Decryption

Encrypting/Decrypting communication messages with RSA algorithm using public and private keys.


mod_wsgi: web based Graphs

A web based application built using mod_wsgi to display different graphs based on different values.


Pickle: Serializing objects

Serializing objects using Pickle library in Python.


wxPython: desktop Billing software

A desktop application built using wxPython to provide the facility to create and print the bills.


Diffie-Hellman: Key exchange

Securely exchanging cryptographic keys over a public channel using Diffie-Hellman algorithm.


Hill Cipher: Encryption/Decryption

Encrypting/Decrypting content with Hill Cipher algorithm by making use of matrices.


Turtle: Box and Whisker

Turtle Box and Whisker diagram using five values.


Text Adventure Game

Move in directions, find required items and finally reach to the predefined destination.


NIM Game

Console based implementation of NIM game. Player performing the last move looses the game.


Escapee and Jailer Game

Guess the lock code to escape the jail. Play as Escapee or as Jailor or as Both.


Latest Blog Articles

Assignment Solution Guru blog is another way we try to help computer science students. We frequently write articles related to different computer science concepts including different programming languages. These articles enable computer science students to get a quick help on the topic.

Machine Learning : Introduction to Naive Bayes Classifier in Python

Naïve bayes is a method of supervised machine learning algorithm and it is from the family of probabilistic classifiers. It is simply a process of predicting the value of a feature variable independent of other features or variables that is the reason it is called naive. Here we are going to see how bayes theorem works with the very easy example of cards and then how this algorithm works on a real dataset or some set of features. Let’s dive in Naïve bayes.

Machine Learning : Introduction to K Nearest Neighbor (KNN) in Python

K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) is one of the supervised Machine Learning algorithm. It is used to solve classification and regression problems. It is a feature selection classfier widely used in hand-written text identification, satellite image processing, etc.

Machine Learning : Introduction to Logistic regression in Python

In supervised analysis Logistic regression is used when the data is categorical or qualitative. Logistic regression is used to find the likely-hood or probability of the dependent variable will fall in one category or another. This is also known as classification problem. Logistic regression works well when the is two category for example on or off, male or female, yes or no etc.

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