Java Web Assignment Help | Java Web Homework Help | J2EE Help

Java Web Assignment Help | Java Web Homework Help | J2EE Help

At Assignment Solution Guru, our experts have excellent experience in various topics of J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition). Many students at high schools, university, college or while doing masters, they learn J2EE including Servlet, JSP, JSF, JMS, JTA, JMail, Java Hibernate, Java Beans, RMI etc. We have help services for your Java Web assignments, homework and projects where you will be confident for the high grades. Assignment Solution Guru provides you 24X7 Chat, Phone and Email assistance and keeps the high quality of work with affordable price and having lots of offers for you.

What is Java Web Application?

Web applications are the applications that run on one or more computers via a network or the server. They are accessed in web browser and can be used without deploying or installing on many computers. A single web application can be accessed by millions of people. To create the web application in Java, one will need J2SE (Java Platform, Standard Editon) and J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) classes and packages. To run these technologies on server, the server needs a container.

What is Container in Java?

Container is a software which is responsible for loading, executing and unloading a component or application such as Servlet, Applet, JSP or Enterprise Java Bean. A container provides the services such as lifecycle management, security, communication, deployment and threading. A program that manages the Servlet and JSP is called web container. The container runs on Java server. There are two types of servers: Web Server and Application Server. Web server contains only web and servlet container. It can be used for Servlet, JSP, JSF, Struts but not EJB. For example, Apache Tomcat, Resin. Tomact has its own HTTP Server and it is a very powerful web container. Application Server which manages J2EE application. It contains both web and EJB container. Some example of Application Server are JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic and Websphere.

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Java Servlet Assignment Help

Servlet is used for creating web applications in Java. It is a robust and scalable technology. Servlet is an API (Application Programming Interface) which provides many interfaces, classes and packages. It is a web component that is deployed on server which creates dynamic pages. Java Servlet defines HTTP Specific classes. Servlet is platform independent. It runs on web or application server and acts as middle layer between web browser, from where request is coming, and web server. Servlets can be created using the javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http packages.

JSP (Java Server Pages) Assignment Help

JSP stands for Java Server Pages. It is a server side scripting language. JSP is buit on the top of Java Servlet API. It is very easy and convient to write with JSP instead of having many println statements in Servlet. It is only another way to write servlet without Java programming. It enables dynamic and platform independent web based applications. It has accesss to entire Java API as well as JDBC to handle database connections. JSP helps developer to use Java code in between HTML tages and JSP tags <%...%>. Using JSP we can seperate designing and development. There are many adavantages over Servlet; such as it is extension to Servlet, easy to maintain, development with JSP is fast and no need to recompile and redeploy, there is less code than servlet with JSP. JSP API consists of two packages javax.servlet.jsp and javax.servlet.jsp.tagext. JSP supports JSTL (JSP Support Tag Library) which is a set of tags to simpilfy the JSP development. We can also create user defined tags.

At Assignement Solution Guru, we have provided JSP Assignment Help to many students which includes topics like, Real Estate Management System, Shopping Cart, etc.

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JavaBeans in Java Assignments

With use of JavaBeans, it makes the software components reusable. A bean can encapsulate many objects into one. It is easy to maintain code with JavaBeans. A JavaBean follows some conventions such as it has a no-arg constructor, it should be Serializable, it should have getter and setter methods. There are two ways to provide values to the objects by constructor and by setter method.

Java MVC (Model View Controller) Assignments Help using Servlet, JSP and JavaBeans

MVC is a pattern that can sepearate logic from the presentation (User Interface) and from data. Controller is a middleware between View and Model. It passes data between them. While using Servlet, JSP and JavaBeans together, Servlet can serve as Controller, JavaBeans can serve as Model and JSP can serve as View. By using this method, we can take advantage of better seperation and ease of maintenance.

We receive many inquiries for Java MVC Assignments, and we have provided quality solutions for Library Management System (with facilities to manage customers, books, ebooks, cds and orders with advanced search facility), Student Management System, etc. using MVC in Java.

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JSF (Java Server Faces) Assignment Help

JSF is a standard Java framework for building web applications. It is server side component-based web framework. JSF is having rich API and tag libraries. JSF provides clean and clear separation between UI, logic and data. JSF provides facility to connect UI with data-source and server side event handler. JSF has UI components and API to develop custom components. JSF API is build on the top of Servlet API. It supports Facelets Technology which is an open source web templating system.

We, at Assignment Solution Guru, provide the best quality Java JSF Assignment Help. Some of the assignments we have solved include topics like movies and upcoming movies details, games and game related product selling system (developed using combination of EJB, Controllers, Pojo and XHTML), Renting Information Managment System (developed using JSF, EJB and POM files), a 3-tier application for a company selling multiple items (developed using EJB, JPQL, JSF, Maven POM files), etc.

Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation) Assignment Help

Java RMI is a remote approach for invocation. It provides remote communication between Java programs. Related classes and interfaces are provided in the package java.rmi. To write RMI program, we need to write mainly two classes: Server program creates and stores the object to be accessed remotly and Client program requests remote object and tries to invoke its methods. To transfer the data in RMI system, it is achieved through Marshalling and Unmarshalling. Marshalling refers to convert the object into byte stream, while unmarshalling is reverse process than marshalling which converts the byte-stream back to object form.

Most of the Java RMI Assignments we have solved are under the title of Java socket programming assignments.

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Apache Struts Assignment Help in Java

Apache Struts is not the part of J2EE but it is an Open Source web application development framework by Apache. With Struts, MVC (Model View Controller) based applications can be developed. Struts has improved set of UI tags, data tags, control tags, etc. to write less code. It has integrated Ajax support by creating Ajax tags. There are number of plugins also available for Struts. With Struts 2, it provides support for three types of themes: xhtml, simple and css_xhtml.

Java Hibernate Assignment Help

Hibrenate is ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework used to communicate with database. It is open source and light weight tool. In hibernate, cache is internally used so that it is fast in performance. It provides HQL (Hibernate Query language) which is Object Oriented Version of SQL by using which we do not need to write SQL queries. It takes care of mapping Java classes to database tables using XML files. It has simple API for storing and fetching Java objects from the Database. Hibernate has excellent stability and quality. it is highly configurable and extensible.

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